As a member of TNC Transport Joint Stock Company (TNC Group), TNG Logistics owns and operates a diversified fleet of vehicles,
meeting all customers’ road transportation needs with its service portfolioas follows:
• Transporting goods by truck from 1.5 tons to 20 tons to all provinces  and cities across the country and neighboring countries such as China,
Laos, Cambodia, …
• Crane and transport by self-propelled cranes from 2.5 tons to 20 tons.
• Crane lowering, installing machinery by cranes from 25 tons to 500 tons.
• Lifting and withdrawing goods by forklifts from 1.5 tons to 15 tons.
• Goods transport solutions to other provinces in the country.
• Transporting super-sized and super-weight cargo by special-use vehicles (tractors, fooc …)
• Support legal procedures for shipments across Vietnam border.