Marine freight is always the choice for customers who have large orders that need to transport in order to reduce transport costs, TNG Logistics is a reliable agent of most major domestic and foreign shipping lines. Therefore, we always have the most preferential price advantage and shipping schedule of shipping lines for customers’ shipments. TNG Logistics is confident that we will bring goods of enterprises across the ocean waves safely to the dock with the fastest progress with the following services:
• International shipping.
• Transporting FCL, LCL import and export goods.
• Transporting bulk goods by lot.
• Issuing transport documents.
• Procedures of customs clearance of import and export goods.
• Packing and dunnage of goods.
• Warehouse storage and distribution.
• Supporting legal procedures.
• Packing goods into containers and withdrawing containers by specialized
means and tools.
• Transport by barges for inland routes for bulk, super-sized and oversized cargoes, …
• Transporting domestic cargo by sea (door to door) in full 20’; 40’; 45’ containers; Open Top, …